What This Is

This campaign is a supposition of a second darksider manipulating the events leading up to and during the era of strife known as the Clone Wars. The second dark entity is an ancient Sith Lord, possessing unbelievable force prowess and enacting a plan that will throw the galaxy in a period of strife and destruction never before imagined…. Unless our heroes can stop it.


Two years before the discovery of Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine, a respected Corellian Jedi Knight goes missing near the planet Hoth. Ro’krav’inorokini, better known as KRAVIN, accompanies his Master to investigate the disappearance. Kravin is a rising star in the Order, with some whispers of perhaps being the “chosen one.” It is also hinted that this mission will be Kravin’s last before his Knighting Ceremony. Spirits are high as the two disembark.

The pair finally discovers Zadok Halcyon, wayward Jedi, on the backwoods planet of Allyuen. Warped by the dark side, the Corellian and Kravin’s master fly into battle. Meanwhile Kravin fights a battle of his own; against an evil, gurgling voice that whispers strange, yet appealing words to him.

The battle ends with Koth Melan, Kravin’s master, beheaded and Zadok Halcyon mortally- wounded. The fallen Jedi’s last words are a plea for the young Padawan to escape this dark place… but it is too late for Kravin. The Dark voice seems to speak from inside Kravin’s mind now, and he feels as if he is falling back into the waiting embrace of something black and sinister..

Twelve Years Pass. The Battle of Geonosis Has Just Concluded

Kravin awakens inside a medical facility on the planet Cerea. His face is older, and numerous scars mar his once-pristine features. He cannot recollect how he wound up here; indeed, everything after the death of his master seems fuzzy and clouded. What Kravin DOES know is that his essence still feels the lingering grip of the deepest darkness.

As he explores the facility and gathers some clues, Kravin encounters a strange assortment of force-sensitives. OCTAVIA and TARA are Jedi medicorps members: Jedi not selected for full training, but permitted to serve the Order. The awakened Jedi’s suspicions are heightened further upon the arrival of ZELFRIK and MALIK, as the Chiss finds their ability with the force greatly above the norm for an average service corps member, and can feel that each of them are an integral part of his destiny. The others do not share his views, and Malik seems to regard the Chiss with outright disdain.

It is moments later than Order 66 is issued throughout the galaxy.

Designs of Darkness